Welcome to BigHadoop

BigData and particulary Hadoop/MapReduce represent a quickly growing part of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. In his frequently quoted article on O’Reilly Radar, Edd Dumbill gives a good introduction to big data landscape: What is big data?

Three V-words are recurring when experts attempt to give definition what big data is all about: Volume (terabytes and petabytes of information),  Velocity (data is literally streaming  in with unprecedented speed) and Variety (structured and unstrucuted data). You can convert these V-words into the forth one: Value. BigData promises insights about  things that remained hidden until now.

The intention of this blog is to cover various technologies from cloud computing that provides the infrastructure to Hadoop distributions that are used to crunch the numbers to mobile analytics that can support easy access to the results of the complex algorithms and enormous computing capacity.


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